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Washington Business Insurance Coverage

Buying the right commercial insurance in Redmond, Washington can seem complicated. Working with an independent agency like Path Insurance Solutions can help you identify the protection plan you need in Redmond or Sammamish because you are able to ask questions and narrow down your choices based on the type of business you own.

Washington Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance in Washington is designed for businesses that require employees to drive a vehicle as part of their job. The amount of coverage you are required to purchase as a business will depend on the type of company you own, but usually you will need a greater amount of liability protection than a personal plan requires.

Washington Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance, or CGL, is a type of protection plan that every business should obtain. It is designed to address basic liability problems, such as a customer falling in the office or defective products that cause injuries.

Washington Commercial Property Insurance

Does your business own a property? If so, then you need commercial property insurance. The insurance is designed to pay for damage to a commercial building or office when problems like a fire occur. Every business that owns property will benefit from the insurance plan.

Washington Workers Compensation

The state of Washington requires workers compensation insurance if you have employees in your business. If you are a sole proprietor without any employees, then you may not be required to purchase the coverage. Workers compensation helps pay for medical expenses or the lost pay from work-related injuries when employees are hurt on the job.

Washington Business Owner Package

A business owner package, or BOP, is a type of coverage plan that provides overall protection from most common risks that a business owner may face after starting the company. It is a type of bundle plan that may include flood insurance, property coverage, auto protection and crime protection. The amount of protection will vary between companies and policies, so it is important to read through the plan to determine what is covered under the BOP.

As a business owner, it is important to purchase the appropriate protection plan to keep your business running and your employees safe from problems. Working with an independent agency can help because you can quickly compare your options and ask questions when you are not sure about the appropriate solution for your company.