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Other Washington Insurance Options

Insuring personal assets in Redmond, Washington does not necessarily mean that you are protecting only the basics. In some cases, Redmond and Sammamish residents will need to purchase additional protection for assets, property or business requirements.


If you own a restaurant or you plan to open a new business in town, then you need appropriate coverage for all of the possible problems. A restaurant must have liability protection in case customers fall on the business property, food spoils or other similar situations arise. Restaurant insurance is specifically designed for the needs and concerns of the business owner.

Auto Repair & Body Shop Insurance

Auto Repair Shop Insurance packages are offered to you by an experienced staff that is committed to the industry. Our services are specifically tailored to address the exposures of a car repair Shop or body shop. A typical mistake that we often see by shop owners is not having enough Garage Keepers insurance simply because their agent hadn't visited with them to update their policy. As your business grows so does your insurance needs and at Path Insurance Solutions we will be their to grow with you.

Apartment Complex Insurance

As a landlord you should take a concentrated look at your apartment owners insurance with a qualified insurance broker like Path Insurance Solutions. What many don't realize is that there are nuances in apartment building insurance policies since every apartment complex is unique.

Typically, commercial apartment insurance is influenced greatly by the size of the buildings, the number of properties that are owned and the types of coverage and limits needed to provide appropriate coverage in case of loss.

As a specialist in apartment building insurance we will examine your business structure including these elements as well as the overall size of your business, previous loss experience, etc. And create a package that is built around your specific needs.

Condominium Association Coverage

Condominium complexes have a distinct legal structure. Therefore, it also requires unique insurance solutions including property coverage, general liability, and Directors and Officers coverage. Condominium associations are comprised of a board of directors that takes care of the maintenance of the complex and shared areas. These duties are typically not covered by your personal insurance policies so it is very important to have a professional look at your policy to make sure the board is properly covered by a Directors and Officers policy. The insurance policy for condo association coverage is also known as Master policy and is purchased by the body members.

It is common for these Master policies to exclude coverage for the individual unit owners from the studs in. Meaning that the individual unit owner is responsible for purchasing building coverage that would replace the interior fixtures of the unit in case of loss. Too many times I have ran into people that do not have building coverage for there unit and at the time of loss this could become a liability for the Board of directors if they don't clearly communicate to the unit owners the need to purchase this coverage. Therefore, before buying insurance policy for the association, they must understand the scope & coverage of the insurance solutions.