Brewery Insurance

Brewery Insurance

Our insurance program for brewers is crafted to address the specific exposures faced by breweries in today’s market place. The insurance package we will design for you will be unique for your brewery or brewpub because we know that every business is unique in it’s own way.

Below are some of the most common insurance coverage’s needed to protect your brewery or brewpub.

Property Insurance: Covers damage to or loss of your property including buildings and their contents. It also covers brewpubs for food spoilage and loss of income.

A common mistake by most breweries and brewpubs is to insure their property for what they purchased it for. Unfortunately replacing these items years later may cost more or there may not be the opportunity that you had originally. A good example would be when a company started it’s business it bought used equipment from a brewery going out of business and got that equipment at a deep discount. At the time of the loss the brewery then had to go purchase brand new equipment at a much higher price.

Make sure that your property insurance includes “Loss of Income” coverage, so that in the event of a claim you can continue to pay your expenses during the down time between the claim and getting your brewery back up and running.

Liability Insurance: Covers you for bodily injury or damage to other people’s property. The most common causes for a loss are slips and falls on your premises and the product liability for manufacturing beer and food.

Liability insurance is required the day you sign your lease or when you start distributing your product.

Liquor Liability Insurance: Covers you for the serving, sale, and manufacturing of alcohol.The most common cause of loss is when a patron consumes too much alcohol at your brewpub or brewery and gets into an accident in their car after they have left.

The biggest mistake we see with most breweries’ is that they purchase their first policy when they open the doors and do not make changes to it as their businesses change. For example a year into business a brewery decides to open a tap room and serve alcohol on premises. The initial policy may not cover on premises consumption of their product and this becomes the breweries biggest exposure to a liquor liability claim if not updated on their policy.

Property-in-Transit: Covers your product or equipment when it is off your business premises. If you lease kegs often times the leasing company will require you to have this coverage up to a certain limit.

Auto Insurance: Covers you for losses relating to accidents involving company vehicles and losses incurred when an employee uses their vehicle in the course of business. For example the brewery ran out of yeast and the brew master had to run to pick more up using his own car and caused an accident while doing so.

Employment Pratices Liability Insurance: Covers the employer for sexual harassment, wrongful termination, creating a hostile work environment, not paying employees overtime, and various other risks.

Breweries’ are a place were alcohol is made and consumed and employees are often younger women and men so not having this coverage is just very risky.

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