Real Estate Investors

Path Insurance takes care of over 5,000 investment properties in almost every asset class.

 Multifamily & Apartments
 Rental Portfolios (1-100+)
 Flips & Rehabs
 Commercial Property & More
 Short-Term Rental

Guaranteed Preferred Pricing

Flexible Terms and Pro-Rated Refunds


Industry Leading Coverage

Prompt, Friendly Service

Real Estate Investor Insurance


Bruce Huynh


"While looking for landlord insurance, I reach out to several agents, one of whom never even bothered to get back to me despite several attempts through multiple mediums, and without a doubt and by a country mile, Tyler is the best."

Penny Arneson

"Tyler knows how to put money where his mouth is! He is an experienced and knowledgeable agent, that understands the insurance business, and how to charge customers less while giving them more benefits and service. All with a smile, because he's humorous too!"

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